Best Baby High Chair Reviews in 2020 | Buyer’s Guide

Best Baby High Chair

So, this is about the best baby high chair units of all time. Ready?

Well, for parents, if there is anything scarier than having rebel teenage kids with “no regrets” tattoo on their arms, it is having a fully functional toddler at home. This is where the roller coaster ride begins in your life. You see, when you no-more-an-infant baby begins to walk and talk, you are in trouble. Toddlers are a concoction is Satan, a dash of gangster and a whole lot of drama.

At this time is when they will whine all day, throw dirty diapers on your face, scream for no good reason at all, runs around the house all day, break you vase collection, and put their finger into the power outlet all in the same hour. But one thing that is absolutely unbearable on a busy, exhausting day is when you have crossed the seven seas to be able to feed them properly, or at the right time. The moment these little rats hear the clinker of spoons coming their way, they disappear! They scatter away, hide god know where “feel sick” or just accidentally fall asleep.

The constant running after them all day can only be tolerated so much at some point. And the worst part is that this cat and mouse chase every day, along with testing your patience and cardio, is only doing harm to his diet and nutrition intake. So parents found a way to settle this the smart way: a high chair! This small piece of furniture has come into parents’ lives as an answered prayer; it has put an end to all meal time drama to an end for good. If you too are suffering from a toddler syndrome, it is about time you get them a high chair as well.

What Is a Baby High Chair?

A high is a piece of furniture, a chair with a seat on top, made specially for children. It has long legs that give the chair enough height, hence the name, so that the seating child can sit shoulder to shoulder with adults. This allows the adults to be able to comfortably interact and hand-feed them. All high chairs come with a tray to help rest food bowls, cups and drinks, snacks, and toys. They also come with safety straps to secure the baby in place (we all know what the strong straps and harness are there for, really).

There are only about a million high chairs out there. With each comes with different features, various designs, and quality. Needless to say, finding the Best Baby High Chair out there is not going to be a piece of cake. This is where we come in; we will help you to identify and detect your needs and demands, and narrow down the list to some of the most popular baby high chair choices so that you can choose the Best Baby High Chair for your baby from the best of the bests! But before that, there is a few key information you will need on your way to grabbing the Best Baby High Chair. Let us begin!

Types of High Chair

While high chair remains the same, there are many variations in the market with different names. Understanding the similarities and differences is important so that you do not end up buying the wrong product. Here are the 2 most high chair variations:

The Booster Seat

The booster seat is a seat made of soft cushion of foam or plastic and is placed on chairs or car seats. It is always a little elevated and raised in design so that the baby is raised to a specific height; its “boosts” the baby’s height, thus, the name. It usually has no tray attached to it, but may have safety straps if it is not intended to be used in a car.

The Toddler Chair

The toddler chair is simply a chair made high enough for toddlers to sit on. It is used at dining tables mostly for older toddlers, so that that they can match the height of the adults seating around him. It does not have a tray and does not have safety straps most of the time either.

Some other kinds include youth chair, table chair etc. Now one thing to remember here is that no matter what the variation of the high chair is, the purpose remains the same: to heighten or raise the child’s height to match the peoples’ around them. High chairs booster seats are usually used for new toddlers, while a toddler chair is suited to older toddlers to do not require the straps or trays. A high chair, booster seat or toddler chair can be used in many places other than the house: the car, outdoors and more. To be able to purchase the Best Baby High Chair for your baby, you need pick type you need, and where you need to use it.

Benefits of Using a High Chair

If there are millions of parents using a high chair, there must be a very good reason behind it too. You may have grasped the primary purpose of a high chair, but I will give you not 1, not 2, but 5 great reasons to why high chairs are so great for your baby:

Less Exhausting

If you had to run like a police after your escaped child with a bowl and spoon on one hand, and a sippy cup on the other, then you know how it like to have your bones melt and blood curdle. And the worst part is that this ordeal lasts for hours each day! Well, from now on, the high chair got this. Put your child on to the seat, strap him and there you have it! He’s in one place for you to feed him. Nothing short of a miracle.

Less time-consuming

Toddlers will whine and dine taking all the time in the world because they know they have nothing else to do in a day. But once they are seated on a high chair, you can feed them quick and fast and get it over with within 10 minutes!

Enjoy time with the family

It is nothing new that you have to feed your kid at odd hours to make sure they’re eating enough. Throughout mix-up of time tables, you child misses out on eating with the family. Having them on a high chair will ensure that they get to eat alongside their favorite people at each meal time. This is important because it teaches the child about the value of family time and interaction, and makes them look forward to a congregated meal every time.

Trains them to eat on their own

After a week, 2 weeks or a month of eating together with the family, your child will instinctively want to copy the adults and eat on their own. Slowly begin by putting snacks and soft food for them on the tray of the high chair. After some practice, they will soon get a grasp of self-feeding.


You do a lot all day. It can get tiring and exhausting to have to hand-feed a growing baby, run after it, clean the mess and all. Well, as your baby learns to self-feed, you can leave them on the high chair to eat while have enough time on your hand to do whatever it is that you want to do! Go do your laundry, or clean the sink. Or enjoy your much-needed break and take a nap or watch some TV; your kid is going nowhere thanks to the straps.

Well, these are just some of the benefits of using a high chair. While trying to serve the purpose of keeping your child put near the dining table, it simultaneously serves many other purposes as you can see. Some may use it to watch over their baby while they work on their presentation, or use it to establish a sense of discipline at meal times each day. To each their own!

What to Look For In a Baby High Chair?

The Best Baby High Chair is the one caters to your specific requirements and needs. However, your idea of the Best Baby High Chair may not be the same with the next person’s concept of the Best Baby High Chair. But, there are a few basic and fundamental features that you should look for in a high chair. Here are a few of them:

  • Comfort

This is pretty obvious: If you are going to make your child sit in a seat for hours each day, and intend to use the seat for years to come, you obviously need it to be comfortable enough for you child. Mind you, if it is the least bit comfortable, chances are that your kid will squirm and scream out of it in no time. And you do not need that drama!

Get a high chair with soft cushion, foam, or comfortable plastic seats and reclining backrests. Make sure they have enough room to move about when they are sitting, and the footrest is at the right position. I would advise to get a size larger than a size smaller. Make sure the straps aren’t too tight, or the tray is too close to their chest. The Best Baby High Chair will have the features to adjust with your child’s growth.

  • Security

The Best Baby High Chair means nothing if it is not secure your baby in place or breaks away with the slightest movement. Look for a high chair with a 3 or 5 point safety strap that fits your child perfectly. It should be tight enough to hold them in place securely, but not too loose that it invites their inner Houdini.

  • Storage and Travel

One thing you the Best Baby High Chair will offer you is flexibility. And there is nothing more irritating to have a giant piece of furniture lying around in the center of the room and hog space. Get your baby a high chair that easily folds away for storage, making it just as convenient for travel.

  • Maintenance

One of the worst possible work around the household is possible the washing-up. And when you have a baby, the chore basically quadruples. The last couple of things you need in your already busy schedule are stained high chair fabrics and its sticky tray. So, to make life a bit easier, choose a high chair that offers machine washable fabric, and wipe-able trays. The Best Baby High Chair will make sure that you do not have to do any additional clean-up after it. Its fabric is usually either wipeable or machine safe. The Best Baby High Chairs also offer dishwasher safe trays and plastic components.

  • Bonus!

If there is anything that separates any old high from the Best Baby High Chair, it is the little clever features and designs that make all the differences for parents. It could be something as trivial and silly as a Sippy cup holder, a stuffed toy attachment or anything useful. If it makes the job easier, it is not silly after all, I guess! So be sure to look out for small bonus features like a larger tray, or a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 transformable high chair.

The Best Baby High Chair will cross paths with the likeness of all these features. So, be sure to check for these basic points when settling for one. And do not be a copycat! Get a high chair that suits your baby best; don’t just end up buying the one that your neighbor bought.

Safety Tips

There is nothing more important in the world than your child’s safety. Always follow a manufacturer’s safety instruction before getting any old high chair. The Best Baby High Chair will have you covered on all safety issues, but take responsibility to follow a few tips:

  • Wide base

A safe high chair will have a wider base. A wider base ensures that the weight of the baby gets evenly distributed through the furniture and that it does not wobble misbalance.

  • Age

Let’s get one thing very clear: high chairs are NOT for infants. While you can use it for infants close to their toddlerhood (from the 6th month), but young infants or new-borns are absolutely restricted from being on a high chair.

  • Weight

Be sure to check your child’s weight before getting a high chair. While almost all high chairs have an average weight limit of less than 50 pounds, it is still a smart idea to check through with the manufacturer’s instructions.

These tips are solely your own responsibility to look through and carry out. The smallest things can sometimes make the biggest differences, and when it comes to your child’s safety at stake, remember: better safe than sorry.

Best Baby High Chair Reviews

Choosing the Best Baby High Chair in the sea of a million high chairs is like finding needle in a haystack. You can try all you want, but you know you will just be wasting your time. So, to save you the good energy and time, we have narrowed the choices to the best 10 hand-picked high chairs in the market today. Here they are:

1. The Svan Baby to Booster Bentwood


The Svan Baby to Booster Bentwood is 26.7 x 13.4 x 9.3 inches in dimension and weighs around 14.6 pounds. It has a solid, sturdy and stable birch construction. It is made to match the standard table heights available in most homes today. It has a tool-free adjustable footrest for the baby for maximum comfort. It has a tray that can be quickly released by the use of a single hand. It comes with a crotch bar that can be removed whenever required. The great it does other than seating your child is that it makes sure that it does not deteriorate the floors either.

It has felt pads on its base to not only stabilize the chair, but also to make sure it does not leave any streak marks or scratches on the floor. And now, the most important feature to any parent: safety. It comes with a 5 point adjustable harness to hold your baby in place. One other detail is that this product is entirely unisex. This high is constructed to cater to kids from 6 months to 5 years old. Not only does this save you space, but saves you the expense of changing high chairs as well.


  • It is expandable to the growth of the baby
  • It has a wipe-able cushion that avoids the hassle of cleaning up
  • It has felt pad bases to prevent floor damages


  • It does not come with any replacement parts

Ingenuity Trio High Chair

The Ingenuity Trio High Chair is 21.4 pounds and measures 23.6 x 15.2 x 18.5 inches in dimensions. It is a 3 in 1 baby chair: a full-size high chair, a booster seat and a toddler chair. It has 3 recline settings and comes with 3 point and 5 point safety straps. It also comes with an adjustable tray that lets you control its position as required. What makes this high chair so special is that it is made with ingenuity’s approach to easy maintenance; it is very easy to clean and maintain.

It comes with machine washable, wipeable fabrics and components that make sure you do not have to slave away in the laundry for hours. The Ingenuity Trio High Chair is as comfortable for the baby as it looks. It has a soft seat pad and a backrest that gives the baby 3 reclining positions. Its tray can be adjusted to 4 positions to give more room to your growing baby. This high chair very much expands with your growing baby!


  • It is 3 in 1 baby furniture: high chair, booster seat, toddler chair
  • It saves the cost of having to buy 3 different chairs
  • It grows with the baby
  • It can simultaneously seat 2 children
  • It easy to clean and maintain


  • It is not ideal for storage or travel either since it cannot be folded

Cosco Simple Fold High Chaircosco-simple-fold-high-chair

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is a unisex high chair, made out of a string metal framework. It is 25 x 18 x 6 inches (unassembled), 28.50 x 23.50 x 38.75 inches (assembled) in dimension, and weighs approximately 14 pounds. It is easy to set up in just seconds. It comes with a safety strap and tray. But what makes this high chair so coveted among consumers is its flexibility. It can be folded, and folded flat to tuck away at any corner.

One great thing about it is that it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty; something we do not see very often from high chair manufacturers now. The fabric on the seat can be cleaned instantly with a wipe or two. The tray is just as easy to clean: just wipe off the surface with a damp or wet cloth, that’s it!


  • It is incredibly flexible
  • It comes with a useful, built-in cup holder


  • It does not have a recline feature to its backrest
  • Its footrest is not adjustable to heights

Graco TableFit High Chairgraco-tablefit-high-chair

The Graco TableFit High Chair is a 2 in 1 baby furniture that is here to take all your meal time worries away. It weighs 19 pounds and measures 33.2 x 22.5 x43 inches. It is a 2 in one baby furniture: a baby high chair and a toddler chair. What so great about this high chair is that it comes with 8 height positions that allow you to pick the perfect table height or adjust to your child’s height. The unit has an adjustable footrest and also a metal framework;

Where it has a one-hand harness, the chair also comes with a removable tray. All its tray and seat pad needs is a good wipe as clean-up; its fabric is machine washable and its tray is dishwasher safe too. This high chair is foldable, making it ideal for storage and travel. One thing to keep in mind is not to use it for kids over 40 pounds.


  • It has 8 variable heights
  • It is foldable


  • Target gender of females only

Evenflo Convertible High Chairevenflo-convertible-high-chair

The Evenflo Convertible High Chair is an amazing high chair to have around the house. It is a 3 in 1 baby furniture that converts from a fully functional high chair to a small toddler chair, to a small chair and table. It is made out of plastic and has a 3 point safety strap. The high chair gives perfect height for interaction with the caregiver. It has a tray, and it is recommended for kids under 40 pounds. The second form is a small toddler chair. This chair allows the baby’s foot to touch the floor. It still has the tray attached to it to allow the toddler some fun activities and snacks.

This form is recommended for 50 pounds or under. The third and final form of the furniture is in a form of a petite table and chair. This form does not require the tray. The table is an excellent way to give your toddler that extra room for crafts and playtime! It is recommended for kids 50 pounds or under.


  • 3 in 1 baby furniture with 2 very useful and ingenious forms


  • It cannot be folded
  • Lacks a footrest
  • Lacks adjustment features

Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair Seating Systemgraco-blossom-4-in-1-convertible-high-chair-seating-system

The Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair Seating System is a 4 in 1 baby high chair seating system and convertible high chair. It transforms into 4 amazing and useful furniture: a high chair, an infant feeding booster seat, a toddler chair and a youth chair. It weighs 32 pounds and requires assembly; very easy and quick to put together. Its fabric and tray are very easy to clean; just chuck the fabric seat in the machine and the tray into the dishwasher, and you are pretty much done!

It is very adjustable: 6 height positions, 3 reclining positions, 3 positions footrest, 3 and 5 point harness, removable infant body support and a removable tray. One other great thing about is that it can accommodate seats for 2 children simultaneously. It has 2 front wheels and back locking casters, and is recommended for children under 60 pounds. This, for me personally, is an ideal picture of the Best Baby High Chair.


  • It is the ultimate 4 in 1 combo
  • Accommodates 3 kids at once
  • It very highly adjustable to the child’s weight and height


  • It cannot be folded

Cosco Simple Fold Deluxe High Chaircosco-simple-fold-deluxe-high-chair

This neat little high chair from Cosco’s Simple Fold Deluxe range is a great thing to have home and outdoor use. As the name suggests already, it is foldable, making it ideal for storage and travel. It weighs just 14 pounds and measures26 x 18 x 6 inches in dimension. You do not even need to remove the tray before folding it. Its tray is adjustable to 3 positions, it a built-in cup holder. Its fabric is wipeable and machine safe, and its tray is wipeable and dishwasher safe too. It has 3 point harness for security and can hold up to 50 pounds.


  • It has a useful cup holder built on its tray
  • It is foldable


  • It does not recline

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chairfisher-price-rainforest-healthy-high-chair

The Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair is a 7-pound high chair with a one key feature: space saving! It is a petite little high chair that works just as well as the giant ones. It is a basic booster seat which straps onto any standard chairs to form a high hair. Its fabric and tray are both machine and dishwasher safe.

It has got 2 in 1 transformation as well: from a high to a seat booster after the back seat and tray is removed. Its tray is adjustable to ensure it is not forcing into the child’s chest or stomach. One neat little thing about this high chair is that is that a tiny hoop on it to allow adults to attach any sort of toys through it.


  • It is able to recline
  • It saves a lot of space with it petite body and 2 in 1 feature


  • It lacks a footrest

Graco Simpleswitch Portable High Chair and Boostergraco-simpleswitch-portable-high-chair-and-booster

This high chair from Graco is 2 in 1 baby furniture that works both as a high chair and a booster seat. It weighs 16 pounds, and has a weight limit of less than 60 pounds on the booster, and 37 pounds on the high chair. It has 3 reclining positions, machine washable seat pad and tray, removable tray and a 3 and 5 point harness.


  • 2 in 1 high chair/booster seat


  • It does not fold

Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy High Chairfisher-price-spacesaver-high-chair

This high chair from Fisher-Price is probably going to be the Best Baby High Chair, according to your child that is. Reason being, it comes with a removable, entertainment toy! It has all the colors, music and light to keep your busy while you carry on with other chores. And to make your life a little bit easier its seat pad and tray are both machine washable, and wipeable. It has 3 recline positions, weighs 18 pounds and has a weight limit of less than pounds.


  • It come with an a great entertaining toy to keep the baby busy
  • It reclines to 3 positions


  • Its lack adjustment features on the tray and feet rest

And there you have it: the top 10 high chairs out there! Don’t just choose one out of here and claim it to be the Best Baby High Chair just because it is on the list. Read through, identify your needs, check the product information and review before picking one. Now that this class is over, you are all ready and equipped to go out there and choose the Best Baby High Chair for your baby!