Cosco Simple Fold High Chair Review


Toddlerhood is a crucial time for every parent. You know the tables have turned when you see your baby starting to walk and talk at you. Before you know it, your baby is no longer a thumb-sucking infant, she can walk and balance herself on her own 2 feet, and she talks back too! They are all fun and games until they cross over to the toddle-zone. Gone are the days you could nap beside them, and dress them to your liking, or feed them healthy baby food (or do anything at all!).

The moment the 4 legged begins to walk on 2 legs, you know you are in trouble, and the ultimate test of parenthood has just begun for you. The never-ending whining scattered toys all over the house, the sugar overdrive from the candies, the talking back, and the lying the hissing are all just the starters. While everything is acceptable and tolerable to some extent, one thing really does stand out as a huge problem: meal time! If you think you can just shove the spoon into their mouths like the good old days, you, my friend, are delusional. They do an exceptional job of running away and hiding in places you cannot reach.

If not that, they will pretend to fall asleep, pretend to vomit, cry their eyeballs out or do a classic: scream and whine until they faint. And while the drama continues, here you are, exhausted and angry, and on the verge of tears anytime time now. Well, before things any worse, it is about time you get your little baby a high chair. So, to save you some time and give you an insight into this amazing piece of furniture, I will be reviewing to you one such great high chair: The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair.


A few key features of the Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is a unisex high chair, made out of a string metal framework. The unit is 25 x 18 x 6 inches (unassembled), 28.50 x 23.50 x 38.75 inches (assembled) in dimension, and weighs approximately 14 pounds. This is easy to set up in just seconds. Also, it comes with a safety strap and tray. But what makes this high chair so coveted among consumers is its flexibility. It can be folded, and folded flat to tuck away at any corner. One great thing about it is that not many high chair come with is its 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Cosco manufacturer has definitely found their element and aced the round for ingenious designs. One thing that really bothers parents is that high chairs are often not easy to open, fold, store or carry around for travel. Well, the Cosco Simple Fold High Chair just solved all of those at once. Its signature feature is that it folds open and flat in seconds. And, if that was not enough, it also stands on its own after being folded flat. So feel free to chuck it on the back of the car and carry it anywhere, or even store it away for later use saving some valuable space.


The fabric on the seat can be cleaned instantly with a wipe or two. The tray is just as easy to clean: just wipe off the surface with a damp or wet cloth and you are done!


Nothing is more important to a parent than ensuring their baby’s safety and security. And this is even more important when they are on a high chair. Buying low quality or cheap high chairs could spell disaster for your baby, and like it’s always said: better safe than sorry! The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is made out of high quality metal framework with a wide base. This makes for more stability, study and strong positioning without wobbling around. It also comes with a 3 point safety harness to secure and hold the baby in place. This high chair recommends weight under 50 pounds for the best experience.


Children are messy. Having 2 hands never seem enough to manage their food bowls, sippy cups, spoons and toys, and the mess of spilled drinks is always a fear for any parent. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair comes with a built-in cup holder to eliminate all the spillage problems. This is clever feature that not many high chair manufacturers take into consideration. Cosco has definitely aced this round with its thoughtful design to make meal time a bit easier! It also has a footrest for your baby’s hard-working legs. One other great thing about this high chair is that its tray is adjustable to 3 positions. This allows the tray to push out as your baby grows eventually making more room to ensure maximum comfort.


  • It is incredibly flexible; folds flat without having to remove the tray
  • It comes with a much-needed built-in cup holder to prevent makes meal time spills and mess


  • It does not have a recline feature to its seat
  • Its footrest is not adjustable to various heights

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Would it be great for a 6 month old?

Answer: Yes it would. New-born and infants are restricted, but older infants can use it.

  1. What are the dimensions of the tray?

Answer: It is 9 x 18 inch in length and width.


The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair has some amazing features that make it a great high chair. But for me personally, a high chair being able to grow with a baby is a key factor. While it does have some very useful features like the cup holder, it lacks the reclining backrest and the adjustable footrest which make a high chair most appealing. This high chair, however, would be great for temporary use on picnics, outings etc, but other than that; I would not recommend it as a smart long-term purchase.

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