Graco Table2table Review


Weaning your baby off of milk and into solid foods can be a challenging yet very satisfying stage of their growth. A good highchair, which will encourage your kid to join you at the family dinner table at mealtimes, is one piece of equipment that you will not be able to do without during this period.

Some of the most significant factors to remember when buying a highchair are how long it can last and how convenient it is to clean up after each usage to save money and time.

Let us have a look at the graco table2table review and see how it compares and whether it would be a good fit for you and your developing infant.

For over 60 years, the Graco brand has been known as one of the world’s most reputable suppliers of baby goods. They have a proud history of developing goods that are designed for protection, reliability, and ease of use, allowing well-intentioned, caring parents to spend more time with their child.

Who Is This Product Intended For?

The high chair should be used for baby feeds in a reclining posture, making it appropriate for very small babies and may continue to be appropriate when they are much older toddlers. If you have two little children, this high chair may even be used as two different parts. It will fit an infant and a toddler, making it particularly helpful if you want to have a second child. Furthermore, this highchair eliminates the need to purchase booster seats for the older children when they outgrow the high chair.


  • The foldable shape makes for easy packing.
  • With a wipeable and machine-washable seat cushion
  • This 2-in-1 toddler chair and booster chair will seat two children at the same time.


  • Poor performing latch

What exactly is included?

When you purchase the Graco Table2Table 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair, you can obtain a box weighing just less than 18 pounds. Along with the high chair, it comes with a flexible seat pad and a one-hand removable tray with insert.

Overview of Functions

This highchair stands out from the crowd because it has everything a parent might expect in an infant feeding chair that grows with their kid. It is extremely flexible, with seven different seating options to choose from, simple to vacuum, and backed by the reputable Graco brand.

When Your Child Grows

This chair is awesome since it has seven different seating options, ranging from really little babies to seating for two grown children. Since it is reclinable, you should feed babies from a very early age in its high chair state, then use it as a conventional high chair, supplemented by an infant booster that accommodates the seat and tray, and finally a baby booster without the tray.

You may still use it as a baby chair by removing the seat and thighs, as a toddler table and chair, and then, by removing the baby booster and toddler table and chair, you can seat two of your children in a single high chair!

This high chair also has five flexible height positions to accommodate your dining table needs, a removable footrest with three leg length options, and three separate reclining angles to guarantee your child’s maximum comfort at any age.

Lightweight and easy to use

If folded or not, the chair weighs just under 18 pounds, making it very lightweight for items of this kind and very simple to carry about. It even has two wheels on the front legs so you can wheel it around if you have difficulty lifting.

The feeding tray can even be worked with one hand, because even though you have your baby in one arm, you can quickly slip the tray out of the way with the other hand and put your baby in the seat.

Easy to Clean

This chair, like most highchairs, can be cleaned with warm soapy water during especially dirty mealtimes. There is a reusable seat pad that can be washed in the laundry machine. For better washing, the reusable tray has a dishwasher-safe insert.

How to Make the Most of It

The easiest way to get the most out of this chair is to buy it while your baby is still really small so that you can use it for newborn feeds all the way up until your children are old enough to sit in a normal dinner table chair.

Furthermore, using this chair for child feeds is ideal since your kid will be in a relaxed and supported place for the feed and will be able to sleep in the chair afterwards. Since the chair has seven various seating configurations and five adjustable heights, you can use it at several different tables throughout the home, ensuring that your kid is still included during mealtimes, no matter where they are.

Various alternatives

When it’s come to Graco high chairs, most people compare between 3 models – Graco Table2table vs Blossom vs Duodiner. All three models are very good.

If the Graco Table2Table High Chair is a little out of your price range, consider the Joovy Nook High Chair. This is another excellent high chair that folds away with one hand and has a one-handed tray service, making it very user-friendly.

It even has a very big seat, making it appropriate for the child until they are about to sit at the table and consume solid food, all the way up to toddler age three or four, carrying up to 50 pounds. It even folds up much like a beach chair, making it very lightweight and easy to transport on family outings (picnics and barbeques). Finally, it is available in four different shades.


If you choose a more portable high chair that you can conveniently transport with you on days out, the Joovy Nook high chair can take up less room in your vehicle. However, since it does not recline, it is not ideal for younger infants. The Table2Table 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair from Graco is our favorite because it is so portable. Not only will it be used with really small infants, but it can also see you through all of the various phases of development, all the way up to the older baby level until they are happy to sit at the dinner table with you on a booster seat. Hopefully, our Graco table2table review will help you make the right choice.

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