Graco Table2Table vs Blossom vs Duodiner – High Chair Reviews


We believe you have already heard about Graco chairs, a well-known brand in the chair industry. In this article, we would be comparing 3 of their major high chairs for babies, the Graco Table2Table vs blossom, the Graco Blossom vs Duodiner, the Graco Table2Table vs the Duodiner. It can be really tough to make a decision from these 3 options, but we have gathered enough information to make this daunting task much easier for you, especially if you are a new parent. Read on to find out.

Graco Table2TableGraco Blossom Graco Duodiner
Soft StrapsYesYesYes
Convertible Stages763
ReclinationYes – 3 reclining levelYes – 3 reclining levelYes- 1 reclining level
Removable traysYesYesYes
Removable seat padsYesYesYes
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

About Graco

Graco is a very well-known brand in the market. Their years of goodwill and the accounts from satisfied customers speak volumes on their great quality, safety, and durability while also having a lot of value for the money you would spend to buy one. 

The company was founded in 1953 when it was a metal products company. After 11 years, Graco decided to make an entry into the baby products market, and ever since they have been able to make quite a good name for themselves. They keep working on improving their instruments and gears so that parenting can be made easier for you. 

With so many years of experience, Graco knows exactly what is best for your baby and you as a parent. They specialize in creating equipment for your toddler that is going to keep them safe thanks to their extra safety features. Graco gears are made to be durable and resilient so that you can use them for years even if you have multiple kids without having to buy new ones every time. 

How to choose the best High Chair for your toddler?

High chairs do look the same in the first look, but a lot of factors differentiate these chairs from one another. From their sturdiness, to how many convertible modes they have. Even if you look at the table at the top, you can understand that each individual chair might have features and options that the other might not. Here are a few factors that you should keep in mind to help you pick the best high chair for your baby.

  • Foldability: Your house might have very little space for this extra piece of furniture to be lying around, so it is best to look for high chairs that you can fold and keep away when your baby is not using them
  • Convertibility: High chairs that come with multiple modes and can be converted from one to another are the best, this allows you to keep using the chair for your baby as they keep growing. From a 6-month-old baby to a 2-year-old toddler, a convertible high chair would be usable for all. 
  • Height adjustability: Your baby would be growing really fast and you would not even realize, that is why it is very important to make sure that the high chair you choose can have its height adjusted, enabling you to change the height with your babies growth. This would save you a lot of money and you would not need to buy a new high chair for your child every couple of months.
  • Maintenance: Lastly, it is necessary to make sure that the high chair is kept hygienic and clean at all times. Only opt for chairs that allow you to remove the seating pad and also which is very easy to clean. Underlying germs and bacterias or dust accumulating on the chair can cause your baby to get sick.

 Graco Table2Table high chair

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 The Table2Table comes with a very sleek stylish design and is also very safe. It wouldn’t tip over easily if your baby plays while sitting on top of it. The Table2Table comes with a food tray that has multiple compartments for different food types. The Table2Table comes with 7 different modes, making it suitable for your child as he grows. The Table2Table is very affordable and comes with a sturdy build, this assures that your baby wouldn’t fall off the chair easily. The Table2Table doesn’t come with wheels making it really hard to maneuver the chair. 

Graco DuoDiner high chair

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The Duodiner is for parents that are looking to buy a good Graco product but for a cheaper price. It doesn’t come with a lot of features when compared to the Table2Table and the Graco Blossom, but it is good at doing its task of keeping your baby safe and also making sure they feel comfortable while sitting on it. The DuoDiner comes with a bigger food tray when compared to the Table2Table and the Blossom. This minimizes mess and there are fewer chances of food spilling over on the floor.

Graco Blossom high chair

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The Blossom high chair, as they say, grows with your baby. This implies that as your baby is growing up you can also adjust the chair to match your baby’s feeding needs. One exciting feature that this chair has is that it can convert to a twin sitter as well, meaning you can use it for twins! The Blossom high chair is really portable thanks to its front wheels and also very versatile. The high chair is certainly a bit more pricier when compared to the other two variants and might be very hard to assemble as well.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve got the best Graco Table2Table vs Blossom, Graco Blossom vs Duodiner, and Graco Duodiner vs Table2Table judgment in this article makes it easy for you to choose the best for your baby, Do remember that when buying a high chair your top priority should be to ensure the safety of your child and also to make sure that it is comfortable for your delicate baby. We hope this article has been useful enough for you to pick the best high chair for your baby. Happy shopping!

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