Peg Perego High Chair Reviews


Peg-Perego is a large multinational company that has been manufacturing baby goods since 1949. As a family-oriented business, they are primarily concerned with developing goods that better suit the needs of each family. Their highchairs are one of their impressive creations. Specifically, their Prima Pappa Zero 3, Peg Perego Rialto, and Siesta, which are available in a range of vivid colors. Below you will find a detailed review of all three of these amazing Peg Perego high chairs.

Peg Perego Rialto High Chair Review

The Peg Perego Rialto is a foldable chair for children aged nine months and up. It has several adjustments that enable you to adapt the seat to suit the height of different chairs and tables as well as your child’s height. Since the Rialto will handle children weighing up to 45 pounds, this adjustability is greatly appreciated. The style is elegant and contemporary. While it does not seem to be quite small, it folds for portability and has a carry sack that suits all. To extract the food that will eventually spill into the seat, quickly wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

While the Rialto’s lightweight fold and carry bag render it a portable bench, it is one of the bulkiest items we reviewed. And though rolled up, the package is very large and not anything you would want to carry in your diaper bag “just in case.” The tray part of this seat may also be fickle. Any users have commented that it is challenging for parents to get on and off. Others indicated that their child might pop it off on their own, likely due to user error due to the difficulties of properly securing the tray. However, if you believe you can get around these minor shortcomings and want a super sleek, trendy chair with some excellent features, the Rialto should be considered.


  • Provides 5 separate height options.
  • The seat folds into the back for convenient storage.
  • A three-point protective belt that can be easily modified
  • It has a dishwasher-safe removable plastic plate.
  • The cushions are constructed of long-lasting soft upholstery that is easy to vacuum.
  • Tough construction makes it suitable for children weighing up to 45 pounds.


  • Height can be adjusted
  • Wipes cleanly
  • Modern style


  • Extremely Bulky

Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero 3 High Chair Review

A sleek, easy-to-clean high-chair with a convenient reclining feature that helps even a small baby to enjoy mealtimes with the family – but it is fiddly to change and takes up a lot of space.

Our monitoring, which is based on the currently voluntary safety standard, ASTM F404-16, established the safety of each high chair. Evaluations of the restraint system, reliability of the high chair, static and dynamic load measurements, and other checks are among the tests performed.

Ease of usage is determined by qualified panellists’ evaluations of belt change and use, folding and unfolding, removing and replacing the tray and tray insert (if any), changing seat back and height where necessary, and removing and replacing the seat cover.

Ease of cleaning: This parameter tests how simple or complicated it was to clean the high chair, taking into consideration the design and materials included in the chair base, table, seat pad, plate, and tray insert, if any. Surfaces that are easiest to clean should be flat, with little seams or crevices to trap gunk. Seat covers, if used, should be machine washable or quickly washed with a moist cloth or sponge.


  • Five reclining positions offer optimum support and render it ideal for new-borns, infants, and toddlers.
  • The Evolved Tilt-n-Space Seat reclines and extends entirely to provide optimal support for the infant.
  • Adjustable footrest in three positions.
  • There are seven common height positions.
  • Safety features include a five-point safety belt and a passive restraint bar.


  • Stylish, light, with a flexible footrest and reclining seat that can be adjusted to a range of positions,
  • Tray of two compartments
  • Quick to clean 


  • Tray table that is heavy and difficult to match

Peg Perego Siesta High Chair Review

The Peg Perego Siesta High Chair is a lightweight, multifunctional piece that will expand with your child’s needs.

It is convenient, elegant, high-quality, long-lasting, and quite practical, and it was designed and produced in Italy to meet US safety requirements.

The chair offers a healthy and supportive environment for newborns and children at mealtime, playtime, and nap time.

When the child is old enough to eat with the family, the seat should be lowered and the tray withdrawn, allowing them to sit at the dinner table.

Caster wheels make it easy to shift the chair, which folds up compact enough to fit in a wardrobe or under most beds.

Your kid will enjoy spending time in their comfy Perego Siesta, which is something more than just a high chair, whether they are sleeping, resting, or playing.

The seat has nine different height settings, and the footrest has three. The back of the seat reclines to five separate configurations, including flat. It even stretches for added warmth. Because of this adjustability, the kid would be able to use the chair in a variety of circumstances for at least three years, or before they outgrow it.

A five-point safety belt will hold your infant comfortable in the car seat. They would be kept from slipping under the tray and onto the floor by a fixed restraining bar.


  • Safe, secure, and Comfortable for the baby
  • 5-point brace for defense
  • Multipurpose
  • Height, incline, and footrest locations are also customizable.
  • The sleek, trendy style, and long-lasting leather-look upholstery
  • A storage net on the back is good for storing small objects.


  • Transport wheels allow for simple relocation.
  • Simple assembly – just connect the pedals.
  • Quick to clean
  • It is protected by a 2-year guarantee against manufacturer defects.


  • The straps appear to get dusty and are difficult to wash.

Final Words

This was our review on the three most popular Peg Perego high chairs namely their Prima Pappa Zero 3, Peg Perego Rialto, and Siesta which are the top of their class high chairs for your children. Hopefully, this guide will help you in making the decision of choosing the best Peg Perego high chair for the optimum comfort for yourself and your baby.

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